Information about CadCam Masters



1 - How it works?

CadCamMasters is the world’s largest outsource platform for dental cad designers, offers both Employer and Dental Designer a digitally streamlined transaction platform for digital dentistry. All registered users can act as Employers or as Freelancers but for a user to list his services as Freelancer he must verify his account. The basic workflow steps are:
  • Dental Cad Freelancer register and make their online profile and post listings of their services (ex. “Crown and Bridge Design”, “All-on-X implant Bar Design”..ect). To be able to list their services freelancers must verify their accounts.
  • Employers will browse listings and choose the one that fits their needs. Is advised to contact the freelancer via the message system and discuss the case characteristics and check availability before sending the case.
  • Employers will browse listings and choose the one that fits their needs. Is advised to contact the freelancer via the message system and discuss the case characteristics and check availability before sending the case.
  • Employer Clicks on “Send Case” to contract the freelancer service and makes the payment.
  • Freelancer accepts the payment and the money will be on hold until the Employer marks the work as complete after receiving the work as agreed. Only after this payment is sent to the Freelancer.
  • Employer and Freelancer will review and evaluate each other.

2 - Is it free to register?

Yes. It is free to register.

3 - I am Dental Designer but sometimes some extra help would be handy. Can i use the platform to hire other freelancers to outsource some of my work?

Yes you can. It´s a great way to help you balance your work load.

4 - Is it free to post listings?

Yes. It is free.

5 - I want to work as a Freelancer Cad Designer and post listing of my services. Do I verify my account?

We ask all users to use their authentic identity on CadCamMasters. Using an authentic identity requires that members provide accurate information about themselves and their organizations. This information helps create trustworthy and meaningful experiences where users can interact with and in turn make informed decisions on whether to connect and/or work with. To be eligible to List your Cad Design Services we may ask for additional verification. For a user profile to be verified needs to be:
  • Authentic: Represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  • Unique: Be the only presence of this person or business. Only one profile per person or business may be verified.
  • Complete: Have an about section, profile photo, communication language, academic or professional training, vat number and phone number.
If your profile or profile meets the above criteria, please send a copy of the following documentation to our verification team with the email:
  • ID verification: Provide a photo of a valid official government-issued identification document, such as your Driver’s License or Passport or a business ownership proof. This requirement applies to individuals, companies, or organizations.
You can always start listing your services but you may be asked to verify your profile any time..

6 - As a Dental Designer is a fee is deducted from my listing’s earnings paid by the Employer?

Yes. A 9% (with a minimum of $3,49) fee is deducted after the Employer payment.

7 - Is it free to post listings?

Yes. It is free. You only have to verify your account by following the instructions above.

8 - Can I post a free listing (0$)?

No. The is a minimum listing price of 7$

9 - I posted a listing but its not online. Why?

All posted listing must be reviewed by our team before being published. After approval it will be online.

10 - What are the requirements for a listing to be approved for publishing?

To ensure that your listing meets our standards, please make sure it adheres to the following criteria:
  1. Description: Provide a comprehensive and well-explained description of the CAD design service you are offering. Clearly outline the scope of your expertise and what clients can expect from your service.
  2. Quality Images: Include high-quality images of the dental CAD design services you provide. Ensure that these images are professional, directly related to your work, and exclusively feature dental CAD designs. Avoid using mobile photos or print screens; instead, use clear and visually appealing CAD images to showcase your skills.
  3. Software Used: Specify the CAD software you utilize in your design process in the checklist. This information is crucial for clients seeking services based on a particular software platform.
  4. Number of Revisions: Clearly state the number of revisions you offer as part of your service. This transparency helps manage client expectations and ensures a smoother collaboration.
  5. Price: Indicate your pricing structure for the listed CAD design service. Transparency about pricing is essential for clients to make informed decisions.
  6. No Additional Products or Services: Listings cannot be used to sell or market other products or services. Ensure that your listing focuses solely on the CAD design services you offer.
  7. No Social Media, Links or URLs: Social media links or URLs are not allowed in the listing. Please refrain from including external links to maintain the integrity of our platform.
  8. Choose Relevant Category: When creating your listing, please choose the most relevant category that accurately represents the type of CAD design service it refers to. This helps clients easily find and connect with the services they are seeking.
Please ensure that your listing aligns with our Terms of Service to maintain the quality of services offered on our platform. If your listing was rejected and you cannot identify from the above criteria what needs to be changed to meet acceptable standards, please contact us via support. We are here to assist you.

11 - As an Employer how can i pay for the Cad Designers services?

Payments can be made by all the major credit cards using Stripe Gateway.

12 - Is my credit card info secure?

Yes. We do not store your Credit Card Info. All payment is handled by Stripe that is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, they use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

13 - As a Freelancer how will i get paid?

You will be paid directly to your bank account after seven days of the completed work for each case. Please make sure to fill your payout preferences.

14 - Is it allowed to sell other products or services on my profile?

No! Using CadCamMasters website to sell or market other products or services is against our Terms of Service.

15 - What happens if i don’t follow the Terms of Service (TOS)?

The consequences of breaching the Terms of Service are stated in the Terms of Service. You Can find them here.

16 - Listings have an expiration date?

It´s optional. When you post a listing, you can set an expiration date if you desire.

17 - What is the type of files that i can upload on my cases and maximum size?

File format accepted to upload on cases are jpg, png, pdf, docx, stl, obj, ply, dicom, lab, dxd, zip, constructionInfo, dentalProject, DEC, MBP. The maximum file size is 100Mb per file..

18 - I feel unsecure! Can i pay the Freelancer only after the work is delivered?

Our platform ensures safety and trust for both Employer and Freelancer during the transaction. Employer pays the listed service at the beginning; payment is debited but stays on hold. When the work is delivered by the Freelancer, the Employer marks the order as completed, and only after this the payment is sent to the Freelancer. Employer can mark the order as “Dispute” if the work is not as expected or simply not delivered.

19 - How Dispute orders?

Employers can mark a paid transaction as disputed after the transaction request has been approved and before it is marked as “completed”. The Dispute feature is a way for Employers to clearly communicate to Freelancer that they are not happy with how the transaction is handled. To resolve a dispute, involvement from CadCamMasters resolution team is required. Flow and steps of a Dispute. When a Employer starts a Dispute, the flow goes as follow:
  1. The Freelancer is notified by email
  2. CadCamMasters resolution team will discuss with both parties to decide what to do next
  3. CadCamMasters resolution team should decide to provide a refund or to dismiss the dispute and continue with the regular flow
  4. Employer and Freelancer will be notified by email of the decision
  5. Employer and Freelancer will be able to review each other

20 - I delivered the work to the Employer but he did not mark the transaction as complete or asked for revisions. What should I do?

Do not worry. After 30 days all transactions are automatically marked as completed.

21 - My country is not listed on the “Payout preferences” what should I do to be able to get paid?

We use Stripe to process user payments and send the money directly to your bank account. Therefore, you have to connect your personal, or company, bank account (IBAN or account number) to Stripe using our built in “Stripe Connect” feature. Unfortunately, there are countries whose banks Stripe does not accept connections and are not on the list on the “Payout preferences” settings, but there is a way. If your bank account is from one the countries not listed it is still possible to receive payout. All you need is a EUR or US bank account (we recommend using EUR). We recommend using Wise or Payoneer that are online and free. Both will give you a Euro IBAN account number that you will use to connect to Stripe, so you can receive payouts: - Wise Multi-Currency Account : is a UK-based money transfer company that offers reasonable rates and doesn’t inflate exchange rates. Register Or – Payoneer: is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital. This is the most used by freelancers and accepts the most countries. Next we will guide step by step on how t do it using Wise (starts on Step 1) or Payoneer ( start on Step 6): Steps to do it with Wise (step 1) or Payoneer (start on step 6):
  1. Create a Wise Multi-Currency Account.
  2. Once you’ve completed the necessary forms, link it to your local bank account of choice. Add the currencies you would like to receive and hold money in (please include USD and EUR).
  3. Next, add the countries that you’d like to get local bank details for. Simply choose Europe and you’ll get access to a Luxemburg, German or Belgian IBAN bank account number and SWIFT code.
  4. To view your new bank account details go to “Manage Account » Account Details” ( If you are a new wise user you might be ask to make a one time only deposit of 20€ into your account ). You can withdraw it later.
  5. Now jump to Step 10
  6. Example Image Example Image
  7. Create a Payoneer Account.
  8. Once you’ve completed the necessary forms, link it to your local bank account of choice and go to Dashboard » Get Paid» Receiving Accounts » Request accounts and make sure to choose eurozone.
  9. Example Image
  10. Next click on “Submit Request” and wait for the approval. Normally it takes 24h.
  11. When the approved you can see your new Euro account IBAN number at Get Paid » Receiving accounts. The number that you need is the the IBAN.
  12. Example Image
  13. Now that you have your new Euro IBAN you just need to know the country of origin. That is what you will use to insert on stripe. All the IBAN numbers start with 2 letters that describe the country of origin of the bank account. In the Payoneer image above you can see that it starts with “LU” that means is from Luxemburg. Wise IBAN normally starts with “BE” that’s means Belgium.
  14. Next, go to on payout settings and you will use the foreign bank account details (IBAN) you received through Wise or Payoneer as your bank details. On the country drop down list choose the country relative to the your new Euro IBAN number, as explained on Step 10.
  15. Example Image
  16. Continue and you will be redirected to our online form and hosted at Stripe. Fill your data and ensure that the name you give exactly is the same as on your Wise or Payoneer account. In the address field, you won’t be able to add your own country. Still, enter your own address and simply select the country and region related to your new Euro IBAN as you did before on Step 10
  17. Your are set!

22 - What are the steps of a transaction in CadCamMasters Platform using stripe?

The following steps occur in a paid transaction processed by Stripe in CadCamMasters Platform:
  • Freelancer posts a listing and defines a price for the service.
  • Employer opens the listing page, selects options, and clicks on the "Send Case" button.
  • On the following page, the Employer reviews the details and inputs their credit card details. The payment happens immediately.
  • Once the payment is made, the Employer is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. They are told that the Freelancer needs to accept the transaction before the money is transferred.
  • The Employer gets an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whichever comes first), the transaction is canceled, and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the money is captured from the Employer's card, and funds are put on hold. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.
  • Both users can then discuss freely about the case.
  • Employer marks the order as completed (users have met, the case is delivered...), or the order is automatically marked as completed after 30 days. Money is then moved from to the Freelancer.
  • It will take about 7 days ( after the order is marked as completed) to the money to appear in Freelancer´s bank account.
  • Employer and Freelancer can then review each other.

23 - I already chose a freelancer to design a case but he does not have a listing that fits my requirememts or budget. What should i do?

Please contact the freelancer and discuss your case requirements/budget. If an agreement is achieved, the freelancer, can create a "Private Listing". Then you so you can proceed and order the case.

24 - What is "Private Listing"?

A "Private Listing" is a listing tailored to the specific needs and budget requirements of a particular client. These listings are kept confidential between you and the selected buyer, ensuring they remain unseen by other users or in search results. This exclusivity means other users cannot access or utilize them. This feature is ideal for creating listings with specialized services or negotiated prices that you wish to reserve exclusively for certain clients, without extending these benefits to others. To create a private listing, simply check the checkbox labeled "I want to make this listing private to:" and enter the name(s) of the intended recipient(s) of the listing. Clients can easily access their private listings by clicking on the "private" button in the filter section. Additionally, they have the option to store private listings as favorites, facilitating quick and convenient access whenever needed.

25 - As a freelancer do i have to issue an invoice?

As stated in the TOS users are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any GST, VAT, or income tax, which may apply to them depending on residency, location or otherwise, under provisions of their jurisdiction. As stated in the TOS users are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any GST, VAT, or income tax, which may apply to them depending on residency, location or otherwise, under provisions of their jurisdiction.

26 - More Questions?

We’re here to help. Please use our Support Chat.