I am a Clear Aligners Designer with several years of experience. I diagnose, design and plan the whole treatment for clear aligners. I can also advise other colleagues through the process.

How do we work?

What we need from you?
1: Scan files
2: Photos of Patient
3: Instructions for treatment plan( if patient have crowns )

Step by step:

1: We receive the photos and scanned files of the case.
2: We make treatment plan.
3: Than I will share Video, IPR Report, TP Report with you. Than you approve the Treatment Plan.
4: After that We send the STL files of the whole treatment Plan.

You can print the resin models and stamp the invisible aligners!

Heure de livraison: 1 - 2 jour
Révisions: 1 - 3
Software: 3 Shape
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